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  • What is the difference of your solution compared to monitoring tools?
    The first difference comes from the fact that we offer a service. The price of our service includes installation, customization, maintenance in operational condition and corrective and evolutionary maintenance, the issuance of alerts as well as follow-up meetings. No need to ensure the selection of the best product, its implementation, its updates over the changes, ... everything is included. Our Service does not position itself in a technological approach to tools. There are a number of relevant tools for each of the major areas of Information System supervision. As part of a System that must be increasingly secure, we provide a cross-functional vision, providing everyone with the information they need regardless of their function within the teams. Our solution has a real Business orientation. It is not a question of considering, like many publishers, that the supervision of a few infrastructure bricks makes it possible to have a business vision by combining existing data. We start from the need by discussing with all the business contacts, project managers, technicians, engineers, to build a personalized vision that suits each internal or external stakeholder. Our solution integrates basic communication tools to make known and communicate around the activities of the D.S.I. Our solution is completely personalized for each Client and for each stakeholder profile. It is not only a selection of pre-organized existing elements but the creation of a unique interface for each of our Clients according to their needs.
  • What technology do you consider?
    As part of the contract, we use our technology and, if necessary, third-party technologies. We also interface on demand with the various tools existing in the Client's environment. Our position as publisher of our service allows us to develop the necessary bricks on demand when they do not exist. Our catalog of plugins covers all technologies: Network, System, Storage, Business & Technical Applications, Flows, User Experience, ... The CAIRNIS technology ensures the federation of the whole and provides the calculations of Availability and Levels of Service.
  • What mode of representation do you propose?
    The representation of information is ensured by the CAIRNEO portal. We offer different modes: Multidimensional reports, Dashboards, Timelines, Graphs of all types (bars, lines, gauges, sectors, ...) Topologies, Cartography. ...
  • What are the key points of your technology?
    Our CSR commitment has led us to develop, for CAIRNEO, a distributed architecture that drastically minimizes data exchanges and storage between different levels of the client's IT architecture, including during the acquisition of metrology data from remote equipment. The differential mechanisms implemented by our intelligent agent detect state or behavioral changes and optimize exchanges while ensuring real-time user service. Interactions between the distributed components of CAIRNEO are consistently compressed and time-optimized through meticulous activity scheduling. Beyond a up-to-date Hybrid Cloud platform that offers the highest levels of security and encryption, especially over IPSec VPNs, the interactions among CAIRNEO components utilize signature systems to control data integrity transmitted between different layers of the infrastructure. No sensitive protocols (WMI, SQL, SNMP, ...) are carried over the Internet link, and the entire platform operates solely on HTTP and HTTPS protocols, including for mobile access and the microservices implemented in the latest version of the solution. The maintenance of the CAIRNEO platform does not rely on third-party tools or on the client's tools for updating its own components and agent configurations over time. No client action is required for these upgrades, as they are carried out through a centralized control system that has been operational for several years and is managed by CAIRNIS
  • How do you assure us that your solution takes technological developments into account?
    Within the framework of our subscriptions, we ensure: • The evolution of platform components: agents, relays, portal, microservices, ... • The implementation of new features based on the needs expressed by our clients, whether within the platform itself or through new collection or query plugins, • The integration of new features arising from CAIRNIS R&D, • The integration of new features into the user interface, • The upgrading of third-party tools integrated into the platform and the consideration of underlying developments: operating system, HTTP engine, ...
  • We talk a lot about artificial intelligence, what is your position?
    Our R&D team is evaluating what contribution artificial intelligence could make to our service outside of any media pressure on the subject. Our Service now has quality and up-to-date data, representative of the actual operation of the Information System. This quality of data makes it possible to consider the implementation of artificial intelligence mechanisms at several levels: Extending auto-configuration capability from environment diagnosis, Extending the ability to calculate predictive elements beyond existing trend calculations. The ability to propose and adapt Service Level thresholds based on the measurements taken. We expect the first applications in production in the second half of 2019.
  • Why offer a service when the traditional approach is that of a tool?
    We find that traditional tools, whether free or commercial, do not meet the expectations of our prospects and Clients. These tools are quite effective, but require a significant human investment that is often no longer compatible with the many higher priority activities required of stakeholders. The result is inefficient use of the tools due to a lack of time invested in acquiring the best practices specific to each of these tools and the time to devote to their recurring administration.
  • How do you manage day-to-day changes in the Information System?
    Traditional tools are costly in terms of human resources, this phenomenon being further amplified by the increasingly frequent changes within the Information System and the lack of time to align the monitoring platform with reality. We created CAIRNIS to address this issue and provide our Customers with a high-performance monitoring and control platform for a reduced investment cost. For this we have implemented a number of unique features like: The automatic consideration by our agent of many changes, allowing alignment with reality without any human intervention and thus ensuring the continuity of supervision actions. The detection of modifications by comparing the configurations detected with the reference elements, Automating Customer Service requests, The intelligent detection of incidents proving to be at the origin of a change not declared by the Customer, The capacity for retroactive calculation allowing to have dashboards reflecting the reality even following an unplanned change.
  • What does your pooling logic bring?
    The provision of a service allows us, compared to a traditional tool, to pool know-how and part of the integration costs to enable medium-sized public or private structures to have this platform with reduced financial and human investment. Pooling is a daily action that allows each of our Customers to enter into a process of continuous improvement, at no additional cost, within the framework of the Service contract: The changes made for one of our Clients are not only reusable by the entire community but are subject to an update applied to each of them after validation in a follow-up meeting, free of charge extra, Unlike a publisher or an integrator who separates maintenance costs from integration costs, the CAIRNIS service includes in the subscription the possibility of upgrading the sensors in number and content to better adapt them to the elements to be monitor.
  • Is the application of ITIL best practices necessary for the use of the Service?
    The implementation of good ITIL practices is not necessary to use the solution. Our CAIRNEO portal is provided respecting the distribution of ITIL processes. Experience has shown, even if a different customization remains possible, that the ITIL process approach is the most relevant. This allows at least to use a common language between the different teams, allowing a shared understanding of the Information System.
  • Do you have an implementation methodology?
    The implementation is subject to a clearly identified and documented process. Upon receipt of the order, we provide the implementation package containing all the documents necessary for the implementation and operation of the solution. Our project methodology assures us of the quality of the deliverables and their adequacy to the request of the customizations specific to each Client. We have a set of documents corresponding to each of the stages, in order to ensure its quality, to reduce the lead times and to have up-to-date online documentation available throughout the operating period of the Service.
  • How can I contact CAIRNIS as part of your packs?
    CAIRNIS takes into account the Client's requests made: Via the "Service Requests" offered by the "CAIRNEO" portal, By sending an email to the CAIRNIS technical contact, At monthly meetings, By telephone contact.
  • What is the degree of automation of your solution and what are the actions to be carried out by the Customer?
    The solution is highly automated, in a "DevOps" logic; We can mention among others: Automation of the Life Cycle of configuration and code changes of measurement sensors by an integrated and independent deployment and update mechanism, Integrated management of alerts and escalations: Absence of human actions for the automatic acknowledgment of alerts, Automation of "Service Requests" made by the Customer via CAIRNEO Studio, the administration interface of the CAIRNEO portal, with immediate effect for the majority of actions; The administration tasks involved are thus reduced to a minimum both at the Client's and at CAIRNIS in order to ensure maximum responsiveness.
  • Why are you talking about an intelligent agent?
    Our intelligent agent embeds a set of functions that distinguishes it from classic probes or plugins: Automatic assignment of sensors to equipment based on the information detected on them, which allows changes to be taken into account without human intervention and without service interruption in the event of equipment movement, Remote alert management to limit data transfers upon detection of a change in behavior, Events processed at the source with immediate automatic action if necessary, instead of background mechanisms on centrally collected data, Automatic acknowledgment of events in the event of an incident, Autonomous availability and Service level calculation functions, Agent capable of managing sensors working on the history of data collected by other sensors and not only on the current state of the element measured, Taking into account operating schedules personalized to your business (working days, 7/7, 24/24, etc.) as soon as data is collected, to match it with the hours of use of each application.
  • What alert mechanisms are available?
    The CAIRNEO solution has a multi-level alert mechanism. The CAIRNEO portal has an RSS feed server that provides real-time alerts. Email alerts, well targeted and therefore limited in number, cover: The sending of messages to the Customer or its service providers/suppliers, Escalation and repetition management, The personalization of messages: Documentary links, routing tags, Access to viewing rules and recipients via the CAIRNEO portal.
  • Can I access the Service outside my structure?
    The CAIRNEO portal is installed in the Customer's environment. The portal is a Standard web portal with no external technology. It can therefore be accessed from the outside by establishing a VPN link.
  • Can the solution be used by the Business Lines or by external service providers?
    YES - This is one of the strengths of the solution. CAIRNIS personalizes for the Client the specific high-level views intended for the Business divisions and/or external service providers. The establishment of user profiles allows access to only authorized information.
  • R.G.P.D. compliance
    The service offered by CAIRNIS does not manage personal data with the exception of Crisis Management, an optional module managed by CAIRNIS in Saas mode only. The absence of business data collected by the solution therefore does not impose any particular regulatory obligation.
  • I already have tools that give me the same information.
    All our Customers have tools covering all or part of the data delivered by CAIRNIS, but: These tools, which are often complex, are the prerogative of experts who need very granular information but also strong skills to use them. These tools are generally not usable by other stakeholders, especially in the absence of experts, These tools work in silos, each of them focusing on an area of the Information System with its own graphical interface and rarely homogeneous with the other tools, These tools do not offer a global vision and require connection to each of them then manual work on the part of the stakeholders to synthesize the information, These tools rarely offer a summary of measurements and a calculated evaluation of trends, the representations being most of the time the history of the basic measurements collected, These tools do not offer real business-oriented representations, based on the urbanization of the Information System and the C.M.D.B. in the ITIL sense.
  • What do you propose as part of the implementation of the DevOps strategy?
    The Service offered by CAIRNIS is typically placed in a DevOps logic. CAIRNIS aims to synthesize information so as to have a common repository between the development teams and the operating teams. The implementation of a DevOps strategy on the one hand and the increasing security through the partitioning of the Information System on the other hand, lead to having to provide the teams with a common and coherent vision of the Information System. The CAIRNIS Service has this vocation to visualize the key elements and to allow a real collaborative approach.
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